Services Offered…

Counselling Services:

I provide counselling for individuals, couples, groups and families. I provide counselling for a range of issues including:

  • Anxiety (including general anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD). I also provide counselling for specific forms of anxiety such as exam anxiety, health anxiety and social anxiety);
  • Alcohol and drug dependence/ unhealthy use;
  • Depression and other mood disorders;
  • Mood Regulation;
  • Nutrition and mental health;
  • Parenting education and support;
  • Quitting Smoking;
  • Relationship difficulties;
  • Self harm and suicidal thoughts;
  • Stress Management;
  • Trauma, including complex trauma and dissociative disorders;
  • Vocational (career) counselling; and
  • Weight loss, exercise and dietary change.

In addition to the above I have experience in counselling and coaching people with cognitive impairments or developmental delays for a range of issues including stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, career planning, independent living, and relationship issues. I develop an individualised plan and adapt counselling techniques and resources to suit my client’s needs and abilities. I can use some Key Word Signing and visual communication strategies to assist communication if necessary.


Standard Consultation (60 min) $130.00
Longer Consultation (1.5 hrs) $190.00 (suitable for couples or families)
Phone and Skype sessions (60 mins) $110.00 (No Medicare Rebate available for phone or Skype sessions)
Off-site Consultation or Observation visit (60 mins) $150 (this option only available in special circumstances)
Report Writing Normal report writing fees are $100 per hour. Please discuss the total fee with me at time of consultation as reports can vary in length and complexity.

Eligible clients can receive a Medicare or ATAPS rebate upon receiving a doctor’s referral.

Rebates may also be available from your private health fund.

Some fee relief may be available for long term clients and those with restricted income. Please call to discuss.