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I work with parents to support them in the  wonderful, but sometimes difficult, role of parenting. I support parents to undertake positive behaviour management of their children and build better relationships with them.

I have experience in supporting parents who have children with challenging behaviours, disabilities, developmental delays and learning difficulties. Many parents who have a child with additional needs find that there are services for their child, but not too many to support them in a parenting role that is often more complex. I have over ten years of experience in disability services and have supported many parents and their children (of all ages) as they make life choices and develop skills.

I also have a particular interest in working specifically with parents who have a background of abuse and trauma to assist them in their desire to give their children a better start in life than they themselves had.

Sometimes becoming a parent can be a trigger of trauma symptoms and can be a cause of seeking therapy for the first time. Sometimes parents who have already had trauma processing therapy can feel a need for more therapy as they become parents or have additional children. If you are a trauma survivor and are feeling triggered by parenting issues, the ages of your children, your children’s behaviour or if you are concerned about repeating patterns from your childhood, therapy can be very helpful and stabilising. I consider therapy for parents to be an important part of ‘breaking the cycle’ and raising a new generation in a gentle and loving manner.