Are you a therapist looking for case consultation or supervision in the treatment of trauma disorders or the dissociative disorders? 

As a therapist experienced in the assessment and treatment of complex trauma and dissociation, I understand the complexities, as well as the rewards, of working with clients who have experienced severe trauma, and who may still be enduring traumas. I understand that it can be stressful to deal with self harm or suicidality, and that the assessment and treatment of severe dissociation can seem daunting at first. However with supportive supervision this type of work can become our most rewarding and stimulating!  

I am to provide warm, caring and supportive supervision and case consultation, a non-judgmental reflective space, as well as up to date information and education to support you in your valuable clinical and assessment work. I regularly undertake training courses in supervision and also seek supervision for my own supervision and case consultation work, so that I can continually improve and provide the best service possible. 

I am available for regular or casual appointments. I provide both face to face and telehealth supervision, and can provide supervision for remote therapists.