Vocational/Career Counselling

CareerCounsellingSometimes people find it hard to work out what they want to do in their career, or what they want to study or train in. Other people may be interested in a career change but be unsure what they would like to do. Career counselling can be of support to anyone in this situation, whether you are a young student about to choose your first job or training course, or a person after a mid-life career change.

Vocational counselling can be as simple as talking over life goals and directions in an informal manner, or it can include doing more formal assessments – such as completing personality and vocational assessments. If you choose this more formal path I will prepare a report for you summarising your results and exploring useful directions.

Many people find vocational assessment can be fun and informative, actually helping them learn more about themselves in general and it can lead to lasting lifestyle changes, not just career changes.