Grounding through the feet

This simple grounding exercise can be done anywhere. Once it has been practiced, it can be done in minutes. It can be done when you are busy doing something stressful, such as giving a speech, facing a conflict or waiting in line for a long time.

  • Put your feet firmly on the floor
  • Feel your feet on the flGrounding through the feetoor. Can you feel the floor under your feet? Is it smooth floorboards or carpet? Do you have shoes on? What do your feet feel like in your shoes?
  • Wriggle your toes. Notice how they move. Notice if they feel stiff or relaxed. Do they hurt in places? Do they feel light or heavy?
  • As you wriggle your toes and feel your feet, take several deep breaths. Imagine your breath going all the way down to your toes and then breathe out slowly.
  • Keep focusing on your feet and how they feel on the floor. Imagine your energy going down to your toes with each breath.
  • When you are ready, bring your attention back to the room. Look around you and notice where you are and what you are doing.